Welcome to Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung is the beautiful Flower , called " Burgandy security" , meaning " fairy of the country" , its present name meaning " Mountain Hill ." It is the capital of West Java , Indonesia's third largest city ( after Jakarta and Surabaya ) , an area of ​​over 80 square kilometers. Population of 1,390,000 , is located west of the island of Java, Indonesia Bandung 715 meters above sea level in the basin , surrounded by peaks surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful environment. Although the ground near the equator , but higher ground , cool climate , fresh air. The annual average temperature 22.5 ℃, annual precipitation is 1,988 mm . Bandung beautiful scenery, quiet elegant , spring , known as Indonesia's most beautiful city , known as the " Paris of Java ," said. As early as the 17th century, had become famous Bandung tourism and summer resort.


City flowers everywhere , the streets clean and tidy , like a large park. Here's the Royal Rose Garden , planted with different varieties of roses from around the world . The city has considerable scale zoo. City of Little Lake , scenic beauty , near the famous volcano and capsize Bandung hot springs, hot springs located in the mountainous Diego Chui valley, contain sulfur quality , oozing from the valley to import the pool . 24 km away from Bandung Mali Baya springs, particularly well-known , can accommodate two , three hundred people swimming bath . From the outskirts of Chicago Heights and Buller Dage high ground overlooking the panoramic view of Bandung , Dage Dage nearby waterfall . Even Wangshan in the north of Bandung , there are even flourishing Observatory hill even Wangcun , seasonal flowers , suitable for holiday rest. Wan Longnan 40 km Pengkalan plus even shore altitude of about 1380 meters , throughout the mountain villages very quiet , not far from there Chi flow check lake, misty lake , this area is often linger visitors stroll land.


Indonesian independence, Bandung several development and construction , it is now Indonesia's third largest modern city. Urban area over 80 square kilometers , most people are Sunda family . Bandung is not only well-developed textile industry , and is one of Indonesia's agricultural products distribution center . With cinchona bark as the main raw material to manufacture quinine drugs sold around the world .